• Mia is hands down one of the most creative, hardest working and most sincere people you will meet. She is straightforward in her dealings with you and knows how to get the job done. Beyond that she is A LOT OF FUN to work with! Never a dull moment and she builds a real relationship with you. Her knowledge in the music industry is extensive and she does not waste time on effort that bear no fruit. Just keep in mind, if you are working with her you have to be 100% committed as well. As with all strong people like her, she only surrounds herself with others who are willing to put in the effort to produce results. No B Team or Bush League players allowed! Love her to death and will always stand by my recommendation.
    Bert Hartmann
  • First time meeting Mia I knew, she was going to be a good business and personal friend. We have talked about ideas and made them happen. She is down to earth, willing to help others and go the distance to make it happen. She understand sports business and she is a go-getter. Mia in 3 words: organized, disciplined, outside the box. Hey she started the first women's flag football team in the Balkans. Really she did. Get to know her, she is making it happen. Thanks Mia for extending the love of football to men and women in the Balkans.
    Tony 'Touchdown' Simmons
    6 Point Athletics
  • Her commitment to excellence and rejection of mediocrity are two things that cannot be forgotten. Her work can be described exactly like this: “I’m not the greatest; I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock them out, I pick the round.”
    DJ Q-Jay
    50 Cent, Kanye West, The Game
  • As soon as we met, a great friendship was born and after couple months we entered a business venture together. She's unique, simple, not complicated, very good marketing skills and one big fact.. She's a cat lover. What else to say? :-)
    Dita Entertainment
  • We remember the very first moment we met Mia Bajin. She's such a well driven person with tough skin! When we are stuck, or in need of help in this entertainment industry, we can always count on her for advice!
    A-L & C
    Xcedera Twins
  • I heard back from Mia very quickly after submitting my music to her. Mia gave me honest feedback on my music and followed up with some extremely useful industry insight and advice. She is on the very cutting edge of the new music industry, she's brilliant with marketing and she works incredibly hard for artists she believes in.
    Joe Cameron